Ready for a Raise? Here Are 3 Keys to Earning Your Value in Tech

Ready for a raise? The good news is, many companies prefer to promote from within their own ranks. So if you’re looking to advance to a higher position and pay grade at your current organization, you already have a leg up.

However, just because you have worked at the same company for a period of time does not mean you will automatically get a pay increase or promotion.

To get that pay bump you have been eyeing, you’ll need to do these three things:

  1. Have a goal
  2. Increase your value
  3. Expand your skills

1. Have a Goal

The first step to getting a raise is having a goal. You need to be able to envision what new or additional responsibilities you want to take on, and why that would justify a pay raise. Are you a graphic designer that is going to add front-end development skills to your toolbox? Do you want to learn quality assurance testing? Are you an experienced developer ready to take the reigns as head engineer?


Professional certification can help IT professionals increase their pay by over 25% annually.


Know what role you are gunning for and research the expected skill set, job responsibilities, and of course, compensation. Having a numerical range for expected salary will be important when it comes time to approach your boss to request a compensation review. To find a fair market rate for your desired role, you’ll want to limit your search to the geographical area you are located in. Here are some resources to help get you started:


2. Increase Your Value, and Flaunt It

You want big money right? Well, you’ve got to do big things! Start to incrementally perform the job that you want, rather than the one you have. Volunteer to take on new responsibilities. Take initiative. Present new ideas and show that you can execute them. Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed! If you have launched an initiative or successfully completed a project, flaunt it! Present results with graphics and visuals at weekly all-hands meetings. Explain how it’s not only a win for your team but for the whole company.

You can also position yourself to climb up the seniority ladder by mentoring new team members. For example, make sure onboarding procedures and documentation are updated and effective. By helping your colleagues be more efficient, you increase your own value to the organization.

Finally, protect your value by being professional and personable at all times. Unfortunately, amongst the stress of work life and private life, sometimes we can forget to be pleasant. But if you’re hoping for a promotion, you’ll want to check the grouch at the door!  


3. Expand Your Skills

Since you plan to ask your organization to invest more in you, you should also demonstrate that you are investing in yourself. In addition to having taken on more responsibilities in your current role, training and certifications are a great way to show you are bringing more value to the firm. Enroll in courses that will push you further down your intended career path and closer to that promotion. There are numerous online free and fee-based courses to help you expand your skill set. Here are a few reputable educational organizations offering courses for those serious about advancing in a technical profession:

Take some time to peruse these sites to find the curriculum that bests suits you and your professional goals. With a little effort, you can build your skill set, and build your salary!

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