Human Skills

Human Skills

Adopt Powerful Career Strategies Through Enhanced Human Skills

Did you know 63%* of employers are happy to hire and train someone with strong transferable skills?

Power up your employment opportunities with soft skills employers are actively seeking. Improve your communication, problem solving, and teamwork. Fuel your tech skills with better analytical thinking, leadership, creativity, and executive influence.

-The Future Of Work 2022 Global Report – Monster
Stanford Research Center, Harvard University, and Carnegie foundation found that 85% of job success comes from excellent soft and people skills.
-Career Education Review
92% of talent professionals say soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills.
-LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2019
97% of employers believe soft skills affect job performance.

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Looking to nurture valuable soft skills in your teams? Want to support the professional development of your employees?

SkillUp Online works directly with businesses and organizations to deliver learning opportunities that power success. Our catalog of human skills courses is designed to enable professionals and organizations to grow through interpersonal strength.

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Finely-tuned soft skills are critical for professional and personal success. Our human skills courses provide best-in-class preparation for a productive career. Expand your skill set now and reap the rewards.

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Certificates of Completion

Our human skills courses enable you to earn Certificates of Completion
that confirm your pro-active approach to soft skills development.

Ben Flower

Meet Your Instructor

Ben Flower - Coach & Director, Human Skills

Having spent over 25 years working for top organizations such as IBM, Word Perfect, Novell, and Microsoft, Ben has developed a unique ability for motivating and inspiring professionals. By combining his IT experience with a passion for music, Ben now creates powerful and immersive learning events that can transform your career.

“This course has been a milestone for changing myself both as a person and in my professional career. It’s provided me with the guidance and clear pathway I need to develop myself and improve.”

“Ben is an expert in the field of human skills. His teaching style of supporting theory with real life examples really helps in the understanding of complex topics.”

“The course instructor is highly experienced and was able to engage me throughout the course.”

“The best virtual session I have attended. Amazing!!!”

“It was a highly interactive workshop with lots of participation from everyone, which enhanced the learning experience even further. Thank you all.”

“I needed to build my knowledge of what enables a person, and a team, to perform at a high level. This course helped me to understand areas I and my team need to focus on and improve.”


Soft skills are the same as human skills. The terms are interchangeable. When people talk about soft skills, they are referring to an individual’s ability to relate and communicate with others. Examples of soft skills are empathy, compassion, adaptability, resilience, persuasiveness, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, decision-making, and stress management; and that’s just to name a few. As you can see, it’s a broad term that covers many human qualities that are hard to quantify but most people are aware of. People with strong soft skills are able to connect with colleagues and customers in a meaningful way. This ability, in turn, enables them to foster a positive workplace, improve their performance, and build a successful career.

Yes, you can build, improve, and enhance your abilities through soft skills courses. One of the challenges of learning is to be totally honest with yourself. Attending an instructor-led course enables you to build your self-awareness through feedback from your instructor and your peers. Online courses in soft skills also present you with a safe space to learn and practice so you can make mistakes in a controlled environment and then start using your enhanced abilities for real in your job.

The World Economic Forum has compiled a list of the top soft skills for work for 2025. These include:Analytical thinking and innovation Active learning and learning strategiesComplex problem-solvingCritical thinking and analysisCreativity, originality, and initiativeLeadership and social influence Technology use, monitoring, and control Resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility Reasoning, problem-solving, and ideationSource:

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