Blockchain technology is revolutionizing commerce around the world. Blockchain specialists are in high demand as businesses compete to open new opportunities in their markets. Individuals with the right skills and a passion for this fast-moving technology are set to enjoy a rewarding and well-remunerated career. Skill up now!


Why Pursue a Career in Blockchain?


Global demand for blockchain developers is up by300-500% yearly.

Global Blockchain Employment Report 2021


The average annual salary for a blockchain developer in the USA is $136,000.

Global Blockchain Employment Report 2021


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In 1991, blockchain technology was created to store and preserve digital data. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that may be accessed by several people at once. One of its major advantages is that it is difficult to update recorded information without the approval of all those involved in the process. Each new record is transformed into a block, which is recognized by a unique hash. A blockchain is made up of blocks that are linked together to form a chain of records. Bitcoin cryptocurrency makes use of blockchain technology.

The blockchain is useful for verifying and tracing multistep transactions that need to be verified and traced in order to be completed. Among other things, it offers the ability to provide secure transactions, minimize compliance costs, and speed up data transfer procedures. Blockchain technology can help with contract administration as well as auditing a product's provenance. It can also be used for voting platforms and the administration of titles and deeds.

Here's a rundown of the major advantages of implementing blockchain technology:

  • It's an immutable public digital ledger, which means transactions can't be modified or erased once they've been recorded.
  • Due to the encryption feature that blockchain integrates, it is always secure.
  • The transactions are executed in real time and with complete transparency because the ledger is updated automatically.
  • There is no need for an intermediate charge because it is a decentralized system.
  • The parties to a transaction check and validate the transaction's authenticity.

As a groundbreaking technology, blockchain offers several advantages for those interested in it as a career.

It's quickly becoming one of the most popular corporate technologies

Blockchain is quickly becoming a popular technology among companies large and small. For their effective business operations, well-established corporations and crypto startups alike are turning to blockchain as a safe and transparent network. With this acceptance rate, the job market for blockchain enthusiasts is expected to grow in the next few years.

Job opportunities are increasing

By 2025, the blockchain market is predicted to expand from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion. This indicates that the job market will expand rapidly across the globe, with blockchain developers and other associated experts in high demand. Blockchain experts, architects, Ethereum developers, and smart contract developers are among the most sought-after positions in this field.

It is very well remunerated

Blockchain professionals' salaries are rapidly increasing. It is a very sought-after skill set. According to the national average pay statistics from Glassdoor, a blockchain developer earns $101,689 per year in the United States.

It's a technology for now and the future

Many technologists and blockchain experts believe it will be around for a long time. As large organizations like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, and Google integrate decentralized technologies into their business structures, this technology will usher in a period of significant transformation and evolution.

There is a huge demand for blockchain experts. People with the skills required to navigate this new technology are in high demand.

Here are some examples of rewarding blockchain jobs.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain experts with the knowledge to aid firms in investigating blockchain platforms are in high demand. Because people want to know everything about blockchain, it has become one of the most marketable professional options accessible today. Programmers who specialize in designing blockchain-based programmes are known as blockchain developers. They usually have a lot of experience with programming languages like C++, Python, and JavaScript before becoming blockchain developers.

Blockchain Solution Architect

A blockchain solution architect oversees designing, assigning, and linking blockchain solution components. The team members they work with, who are responsible for fully constructing blockchain solutions, include developers, network administrators, UX designers, and IT Operations.

Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager is tasked with linking blockchain initiatives to specialists whose primary function is, among other things, to develop blockchain solutions. Project managers in blockchain projects must have the same skills as traditional (cloud) project managers in order to be successful. To properly appreciate technology, they need to understand the technical components of it. However, another important skill is effective communication, which is essential when interacting with non-technical personnel.

Blockchain UX Designer

The design of the system's user interface is becoming increasingly crucial as blockchain technology becomes more widely adopted across a wide range of enterprises. A blockchain designer's job is to create a user interface that is both trustworthy and visually appealing to the ordinary user. These people must be detail-oriented and artistically inclined.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Every development environment has a quality engineer present, testing and guaranteeing that all aspects of the project match the stated quality and performance criteria. A blockchain engineer serves a similar role in the blockchain world, ensuring that all procedures in the blockchain development environment are of the highest quality and efficiency.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

It’s no surprise that as businesses strive to figure out how to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations, legal issues arise. Companies who are releasing this new technology are also looking for legal advice on the different factors to consider when making an investment. They need to understand the consequences of their decisions, as well as how to manage their finances and personal identities. Effective communication skills are, of course, important for someone with such a role. Plus, because blockchain is a technology that spans borders, blockchain legal consultants also require a thorough understanding of international law.

The blockchain industry is expanding at a breakneck pace. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for great blockchain talent. The following skills are some of the most important competencies for launching a successful blockchain career.

  • Cryptography
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Data structure
  • Smart contracts
  • Interoperability skills
  • Knowledge of business drivers and expected outcomes
  • Cross-disciplinary expertise
  • Using blockchain as an instrument of simplification
  • Practical experience in designing blockchain solutions
  • Blockchain standards

As organizations continue to delve deeper into the business applications of blockchain, a new job market is emerging in the areas of blockchain architecture, development, project management, sales, and marketing. Blockchain promises a path to better opportunities, can lead to profitable and highly sought-after employment.

Many people who are interested in becoming blockchain professionals have little or no prior expertise in the subject and aren't even sure where to begin their education. It is for this reason that blockchain certificates are becoming increasingly popular. Certifications have been a part of the corporate world for a long time, and they are particularly prevalent in industries such as information technology, project management, financial services, and sales. As a result, it makes sense for anyone considering a career in blockchain to enroll in appropriate courses and earn a certificate of completion that serves as a testament to their newfound knowledge and abilities. Obtaining these credentials can help blockchain career hopefuls stand out from the crowd and are a wonderful approach to find a new position in a profession with significant development potential.

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