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Introduction to Watson AI

Introduction to Watson AI

Explore IBM's portfolio of artificial intelligence services, tools, and APIs. Develop your knowledge of IBM Watson services, and explore its use cases through real-life examples.

Build your skills for an exciting career in AI.

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  Course duration


  • 8 weeks, online
    4-6 hours/week
  Course Fee


US$ 99 - US$ 199

Course duration


  • 8 weeks, online
    4-6 hours/week
Course Fee


US$ 99 - US$ 199

Smart AI applications are helping businesses to flourish, and IBM Watson services is one of the key tools facilitating this growth. This course introduces you to various services in the IBM Watson portfolio, and expands your understanding of the breadth of AI applications that can be built using these services.

In this course, you will discover how to get started with artificial intelligence using IBM Watson. You will learn about Watson and how it works, and explore its use cases through real-life examples. You will then build your understanding of several Watson services in order to utilize AI to build smart apps.

If you’re keen to build smart AI applications, it’s critical that you are familiar with IBM Watson services. This course will introduce you to this key skill and enable you to take another great step towards a rewarding AI career.

This course comprises four purposely designed modules that take you on a carefully defined learning journey. If you are thinking about taking the course separately, it is worth noting that it is part of the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program and you may want to consider enrolling for the whole program rather than just enrolling for one course at a time.

It is a self-paced course, which means it is not run to a fixed schedule with regard to completing modules or submitting assignments. To give you an idea of how long the course takes to complete, it is anticipated that if you work 4-6 hours per week, you will complete the program in 8 weeks. However, as long as the course is completed by the end of your enrollment, you can work at your own pace. And you will be encouraged to stay connected with your learning community and mentors through the course discussion space.

The materials for each module are accessible from the start of the course and will remain available for the duration of your enrollment. Methods of learning and assessment will include videos, reading material, and online exams questions.

As part of our mentoring service you will have access to valuable guidance and support throughout the course. We provide a dedicated discussion space where you can ask questions, chat with your peers, and resolve issues. Depending on the payment plan you have chosen, you may also have access to live classes and webinars, which are an excellent opportunity to discuss problems with your mentor and ask questions. Mentoring services will vary across packages.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will earn your IBM Certificate.

  • An understanding of how Watson AI works.
  • An understanding of some of the Watson AI services offered on the IBM Cloud.
  • An understanding of how organizations can use Watson AI services, and the types of situations in which each service applies.
  • An understanding of the common use cases for AI.

This course is suitable for learners with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

The course is specifically aimed at:

  • Individuals who are keen to begin their career in artificial intelligence.
  • College graduates looking to land their first AI job.
  • Experienced developers seeking to upskill, enhance their AI knowledge, and participate in AI projects.

A basic understanding of AI and familiarity with AI terminology.

Course Outline

General Information About the Course
Grading Scheme
Module Introduction
Learning Objectives
Video: Watson - The AI for Business (3:15)
Video: How Watson Works (5:10)
Video: Enriching Customer Service (5:23)
Video: Intelligent Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, and IBM Watson (2:58)
Video: Making Data and AI Accessible to All (1:35)
Video: 3 Ways Watson Can Help Your Business (3:11)
Video: What Differentiates Consumer and Business AI Systems (5:43)
Video: Getting Started on Your AI Journey (3:13)
Ways Watson Can Help Your Business: Lesson Summary
Learning Objectives
Video: Introduction to Watson Services (3:55)
Video: A Few Watson Services (2:37)
Video: Intelligent Chatbots, Virtual Assistants and IBM Watson (2:53)
Video: Watson Assistant (4:15)
Video: Watson Discovery (2:54)
Hands-on Lab: Watson Discovery (10 min)
Video: Watson Natural Language Understanding (3:36)
Hands-on Lab: Watson Natural Language Understanding (10 min)
Video: Watson Knowledge Studio (2:37)
Hands-on Lab: Watson Knowledge Studio (10 min)
Video: Watson Speech to Text (3:19)
Hands-on Lab: Watson Speech to Text (10 min)
Video: Watson Language Translator (3:32)
Video: Watson Natural Language Classifier (1:56)
Learning Objectives
Video: Watson Studio (4:09)
Video: Watson Machine Learning (2:14)
Video: Watson Knowledge Catalog (2:53)
Video: Watson OpenScale (2:45)
Video: Computer Vision, Its Applications, and IBM Watson (4:10)
Video: Watson Visual Recognition (4:35)
Hands-on Lab: Image Classification (10 min)
Video - Watson Personality Insights (2:16)
Video: Watson Tone Analyser (3:01)
Video: Watson Compare and Comply (1:41)
Video: Watson at Work (2:28)
Video - Watson Use Cases (4:27)
Reading - Watson in Use at Bradesco
Video: Watson for Oncology, Clinical Trial Matching, and Genomics (4:07)
Reading: Watson in use at Coca-Cola Company
Video: Watson at ADNOC (2:35)
Reading: Watson in use at KONE
Video: Watson at LivePerson (3:32)
Reading: Watson in use at Woodside
Video: Watson at Hilton (1:46)
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Introduction to Watson AI


IBM Watson for AI is a tool created that has been created by IBM to enable businesses to automate complicated processes and, in doing so, save employees a significant amount of time with respect to repetitive tasks. This then, in turn, improves productivity.

IBM Watson has been designed by IBM to enable organizations to collect information and data from an extensive range of sources so that they can then glean insights from that data. It includes a useful portfolio of AI capabilities such as tools for building AI models and pre-built applications. If you’d like to discover more, we recommend that you read the information provided by IBM, just click here:

Yes, it does. IBM Watson offers a fantastic suite of pre-built applications. Good examples include: IBM Watson Assistant, Watson Discovery, Watson Natural Language Understanding, Watson Speech to Text, Watson Text to Speech, Watson Knowledge Studio, Watson Language Translator, Watson Natural Language Classifier. Plus, it also has specific applications that have been developed for key business areas, such as advertising, business operations, and human resources. To find out more about the huge choice of applications available, click here:

This course runs 100% online. You will not have to turn up to any classes in person. With this in mind, therefore, you will need appropriate access to the internet and the required technology to be able to use the course materials. The materials for the course are in the form of articles, videos, and knowledge checks. Plus, you will be able to connect easily with others on the course and your mentors through the discussion space.

Please note that it is possible to enroll for this course alone, however it is also part of the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program, which provides an excellent introduction to the subject of AI for learners seeking to build a career in this field.

This course, Introduction to Watson AI, has been developed as part of the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program. However, it is possible to enroll on this course without having enrolled on the program, and you will still gain your IBM Professional Certificate for the individual course even if you’re not enrolled on the full program. There are no prerequisites for enrolling onto the course.

This course has been specifically designed to introduce the fundamentals of Watson AI to anyone. You do not need to have any technical or programming experience to take this course. Overall, therefore, if you’re keen to investigate building a career in AI, this course is the ideal way to discover one of the key tools used in the AI field.