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How It Works

Consisting of three learning units and a final hands on project, the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in DevOps is a comprehensive skilling program in DevOps. Learners can choose from different courses within each unit of study.

DevOps - Unit Overview

Unit 1 - Fundamentals

Learn DevOps basics. Explore topics LaaS, PaaS, Implementing and Configuration.

Unit 2 - Core DevOps

In this unit, you will learn to use Visual Studio Services, cluster using Microsoft Azure services implement batch and real-time processing of DevOps.

Unit 3 - Applied DevOps

In this unit you will learn all about Distributed cloud application fundamentals, architecture, network communication, messaging communication, storage services & more.

Unit 4 - Capstone Project

Validate the skills and knowledge that you have obtained by taking the DevOps series of courses by completing the DevOps Professional Capstone project. This capstone project will provide you with several core DevOps scenarios and tasks that you will implement, and upon successful completion you will obtain the DevOps Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) credential.

  • DevOps Practices and Principles

    • Details
  • Infrastructure as Code

    • Details
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

    • Details
  • Configuration Management for Containerized Delivery

    • Details
  • DevOps Testing

    • Details
  • DevOps for Databases

    • Details
  • Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops

    • Details
  • Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications

    • Details
  • Microsoft Professional Capstone : DevOps

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