Google Cloud Architect Program

Build sought-after skills in Google Cloud Platform with this job-aligned cloud architect program. Extend your knowledge and practical experience to enjoy success as a cloud solutions architect or enterprise architect.

Plus, benefit from focused preparation for the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam with tips, tricks, guidance, and mentored support.








    11 weeks, online
    7-8 hours/week

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    Googles extensive cloud offering is in high demand. With cloud usage expanding rapidly, businesses are battling to find professionals with the skills and experience they need to remain competitive. Employers are now looking for individuals who have earned a Google Cloud Architect certification to lead their cloud infrastructure projects and ensure the efficient use of cloud resources.This means network and cloud administrators and architects who have the valuable knowledge needed to pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification exam have an extremely rewarding and well-remunerated career to look forward to.

    This program teaches skills that are specifically aligned to the work carried out by cloud solution architects and enterprise architects. It also helps to prepare you for Google Clouds Professional Cloud Architect certification exam

    In this program, you will be introduced to Google Workspace Essentials. You will learn about Cloud Functions and Storage, and Analysis and Dataflow templates. You will look at cloud solutions and Compute Engine and explore related services such as Kubernetes, Load Balancers, and Terraform. You will investigate key facets of Google Cloud such as cloud monitoring, log metrics, deployment and scaling, and cost optimization. Plus, you will build skills in other advanced features of the Google Cloud Platform, including continuous delivery, auto scaling, Infrastructure as Code, and security.

    In addition to this extensive technical training, learners on our Gold and Platinum plans will benefit from instructor-led human skills sessions. During these sessions you will work on the human skills employers are looking for when they are hiring.

    Plus, if you choose our Platinum plan, you will have the chance to further enhance your credibility with employers by completing a comprehensive capstone project. This project will validate the skills and knowledge you have gained during the program and can be included on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

    Overall, enrolling for this program will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and hands-on practice needed to pass the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. Please note entry to the exam is not included. However, you will get a clear overview of the Google Cloud Architect certification process, plus you will get tips and tricks, testing strategies, practice questions, and useful information to help you pass the exam successfully.

    This Google Cloud Architect Program has been created by SkillUp Online in collaboration with Google Cloud. Our team of Google certified cloud experts have designed valuable training packaged with the the extensive hands-on experience from Google Cloud Learning Services for learners to gain through practice. The skills you build when you take this program are job-aligned to the roles of cloud solutions architect and cloud enterprise architect.

    The program comprises 6 purposely designed courses that take you on a carefully defined learning journey. It is a self-paced program, which means it is not run to a fixed schedule with regard to completing modules and courses or submitting assignments.

    To give you an idea of how long the program takes to complete, it is anticipated that if you work 6-7 hours per week, you will complete the program in 11 weeks. However, as long as the program is completed by the end of your enrollment, you can work at your own pace. And dont worry, youre not alone! You will be encouraged to stay connected with your learning community and mentors through the program discussion space.

    The materials for each course are accessible from the start of that course and will remain available for the duration of your enrollment. Methods of learning and assessment will include videos, reading material, hands-on labs, and online quiz questions.

    The program is offered through 3 payment plans: silver, Gold, and platinum.

    Silver Plan

    Our basic plan offers self-paced learning and hands-on training through Google Cloud Hands-on-labs Powered by Qwiklabs. The plan also includes discussion space support.

    Gold Plan

    In addition to the silver plan features, you will benefit from 1-on-1 mentoring with a subject matter expert and instructor-led human skills training.

    Platinum Plan

    In addition to the gold plan features, you will benefit from further additional 1-on-1 mentoring support and instructor-led sessions, a live webinar with an industry expert, career support, and the completion of a capstone project.

    You will be:

    Proficient in Google Workspace Essentials.

    Able to set up networking.

    Able to effectively manage Cloud Functions and Storage.

    Able to efficiently monitor the cloud.

    Able to analyze data with BigQuery, SQL, and Data Studio.

    Able to project plan with Kubernetes.

    Able to optimize workload and autoscale.

    Able to develop and deploy on the go with continuous integration and delivery.

    Able to manage Google Cloud policies.

    Able to manage Google Cloud infrastructure with Terraform.

    This program is ideal for:

    • System administrators.
    • Cloud professionals.
    • Solution architects.
    • Infrastructure architects.
    • Professionals looking to enhance and evidence their skills with cloud architecture certifications.
    • Individuals wishing to build their understanding of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
    • Professionals preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam from Google Cloud.
    • Individuals seeking to build their understanding of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud deployment.
    • Techies wishing to build their understanding the of services offered on GCP.
    • GCP customers seeking to build their understanding of the services offered.

    • Bachelor' s degree: Computer or technical degrees such as B Tech, BCA, MCA, etc.
    • Recommended: On-the-job experience of up to 1 year.

    Finely tuned soft skills are critical for success in both professional and personal life.

    Research carried out by Wonderlic has shown that 97% of employers believe soft skills affect job performance. Now, professionals with strong human skills are often favored in job applications and interviews.

    Learners who choose either our Gold or Platinum plans will enjoy targeted sessions from our popular human skills courses. These instructor-led sessions will improve your communication, leadership, problem solving, and analytical skills, plus they will prepare you for interviews once youve completed the program.

    For learners on our platinum plan, once you have successfully completed this Google Cloud Architect Program, our career guidance service will begin. This will include:


    A tech skills assessment & mock interview.

    • A technical assessment test to gauge your skills level. This will ensure we provide the career mentoring you need.
    • Pre-employability training
    • Mock HR interviews
    • Mock technical interviews


    Career mentoring for accelerated personal and professional growth.

    • 1-on-1 guidance from our Placement Assistance Team
    • Access to job opportunities in top organizationsl

    Our mentors are specialists in their technical fields. They have the experience and expertise required to understand the challenges you face as you tackle complex technical subject matter.

    All learners enrolled on this program will enjoy full discussion space support. However, for learners who enroll on our Gold and Platinum plans, you will benefit from 1-on-1 mentoring assistance that enhances your understanding. Our mentors are on-call to help as you build your practical experience in the hands-on labs. They will also be contactable through our popular discussion spaces. Plus, they will monitor your progress and provide constructive and timely feedback to ensure you complete the program.

    A tech skills assessment and mock interview.

    You will benefit from:

    • 1-on-1 mentoring support for query resolution and guidance.
    • Actively managed discussion space support.
    • Constructive and timely progress monitoring.
    • Regular formative and summative assessments.
    • Platinum PLAN ONLY: Instructor-led sessions for specific topics.
    • Platinum PLAN ONLY: Webinar with an industry expert.

    Baseline Knowledge Check in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    Take our quick quiz and see how your knowledge stacks up. This Google Cloud Platform (GCP) knowledge check consists of 18 multiple-choice questions.

    Once you’ve completed the test and submitted your answers, we’ll email you your result. Sound good? Great, let’s get started.


    Why Learn with SkillUp Online?

    We believe every learner is an individual and every course is an opportunity to build job-ready skills. Through our human-centered approach to learning, we will empower you to fulfil your professional and personal goals and enjoy career success.


    Reskilling into tech? We’ll support you.


    Upskilling for promotion? We’ll help you.


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    Personalized Mentoring & Support

    1-on-1 mentoring, live classes, webinars, weekly feedback, peer discussion, and much more.


    Practical Experience

    Hands-on labs and projects tackling real-world challenges. Great for your resumé and LinkedIn profile.


    Best-in-Class Course Content

    Designed by the industry for the industry so you can build job-ready skills.


    Job-Ready Skills Focus

    Competency building and global certifications employers are actively looking for.


    Google Cloud architects are specialists who are certified in utilizing Google Cloud technology for organizations of every size. They are skilled in designing, developing, and managing dynamic cloud-based systems that are reliable, secure, scalable, highly available, and tailored to the requirements of each business.

    They are often conversant in a wide range of cloud services offered by Google and are skilled at identifying and capturing a company's business goals and designing the best solutions. This means Google Cloud architects have a thorough understanding of how various Google Cloud tools work together and can choose the best technology combinations to meet a companys requirements. Through this course, you will get access to valuable resources and thorough knowledge of Google Cloud, and will also help you prepare and qualify for the Google Cloud architect certification exam.

    Yes, Google Clouds Professional Cloud Architect certification is worth it. This Google Cloud architect certification enables network solutions architects, network and cloud administrators, and network and cloud architects to analyze network operations and come up with creative technology solutions. When you gain Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification, therefore, it enhances your earning potential, while also increasing the range of professional opportunities open to you.

    Yes, this program will help prepare you for Google Clouds Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. The program offers 80+ hours of beginner to advanced level content, plus practical labs and 1:1 mentoring support. It also gets you job-ready by preparing you for the role of an entry-level cloud architect. With this Google Cloud architect certification, you can boost your career prospects and validate your skills in building and managing cloud solutions using Google Cloud Platform.

    No, you don't need to be able to code to enroll for this program. However, having basic computer or technical knowledge is an advantage.

    This Google Cloud Architect program is fully self-paced on our silver plan. However, you can benefit from additional instructor-led and humans skills training on our Gold and Platinum plans. And if you choose our Platinum plan, you will participate in a valuable capstone project that will build your practical experience.

    A capstone project is an excellent way of demonstrating the skills and knowledge you have gained during a course or program. The objective is to enable you to showcase your understanding of the subject matter you have been taught, and it is something you can refer to on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

    Program Offering


    Type of certificate

    Certificate of Completion


    About this program




    Discussion space

    Career guidance

    72 Hands - on labs

    1 Capstone project

    5 Practice quizzes

    1 Final quiz



    Capstone project


    Exercises to explore

    Cloud IAM

    Cloud Functions

    Google Cloud Storage

    Analysis and Dataflow

    Compute Engine

    Cloud Monitoring

    Creating a VM

    Project planning, deployment & scaling with Kubernetes

    Managing cloud policies

    Continuous delivery and load testing

    Infrastructure provisioning

    Maintaining cloud security

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