Digital Analytics & Regression (SKO 8127)




Digital Analytics & Regression (SKO 8127)

Digital Analytics & Regression (SKO 8127)




6 hours



NOS 8127

Follow a case study where you define the business objective, establish the data required to address that objective, and use R, the programming language, to derive insights from the data. As with any business challenge, you will be required to articulate your findings to a business audience. This NASSCOM approved course will satisfy NOS 8127, PCs 1-4.


PC1. Assess the current business of the client

PC2. Understand technical capabilities of the client

PC3. Conduct business contextual discussions with the client

PC4. Evaluate and define the requirements of the client

Data Science is like triathlon. Programming is cycling, by far the biggest investment is required in hardware and software. Running is domain expertise and communication skills and, swimming is mathematics, statistics and modelling. There are competitions in each of these disciplines cycling, running and swimming (and there always will be), but the need for super athletes who can do all 3 is growing. An athlete who is brilliant at one discipline can learn the other two and succeed in triathlon.

No matter your core discipline(s), this course will take you through a short triathlon. You will define a business problem, establish the data required to solve it, you will write scripts in R programming language to build a model to give you insights and you will learn to present your findings in a business format to a business audience.

Students will benefit from having a basic understanding of Statistics. Students with a basic knowledge of how Search Engines work may have a better appreciation for the case study context however, this is not a requirement.

Fireside Analytics Inc.

Shingai Manjengwa (@Tjido) is the Director of Insights and Analytics at Fireside Analytics Inc. An NYU Stern alum, she graduated from the Stern Business Analytics Masters program in 2014 and founded Fireside Analytics the following year. Fireside Analytics is a data analytics consulting company that makes data analytics and data science skills accessible to private sector companies, non-profits and education institutions. Fireside Analytics works with clients to build their data science capabilities and train their staff and stakeholders using customized case studies. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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All the software you will need can be accessed through your browser at You will need to register and create an account. If you choose to not use Data Scientist Workbench, you may need to install R on your local computer.

Digital Analytics & Regression (SKO 8127)

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