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Blockchain is radically improving supply chains, banking and other business networks, as well as creating new opportunities for innovation.

Blockchain technology provides a dynamic shared ledger that can be applied to save time when recording transactions between parties, remove costs associated with intermediaries, and reduce risks of fraud and tampering.

Businesses contain many examples of networks of individuals and organizations that collaborate to create value and wealth. These networks work together in markets that exchange assets in the form of goods and services between the participants.

The video lectures and demo in this course help you learn about blockchain for business and explore key use cases that demonstrate how the technology adds value.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 - What is Blockchain?

  • Business networks
  • Assets
  • Ledgers, Transactions and Contracts
  • The problem with existing networks
  • How blockchain solves this problem
  • Different types of blockchain
  • Requirements of a blockchain for business

Module 2 - Example Blockchain Networks

  • Overview of active networks
  • TradeLens - Improving global trade
  • IBM Food Trust - Supply chain transparency
  • IBM World Wire - Global payments
  • Decentralised and trusted identity
  • Further examples by industry
  • Key players for blockchain adoption

Module 3 -IBM and Blockchain

  • How IBM can help with a blockchain project
  • IBM's blockchain strategy
  • The IBM Blockchain Platform
  • The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger project
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Continuing your blockchain journey

Demo - Vehicle Lifecycle Demo

  • Transfer assets in blockchain

Recommended skills prior to taking this course


Grading Scheme

The minimum passing mark for the course is 70%, where the review questions are worth 40% and the final exam is worth 60% of the course mark.



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David Gorman
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Matthew Golby-Kirk
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Matt Lucas
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Liam Grace
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Andrew Hurt
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