Program Overview

The Applied AI Professional Certificate provides learners with a thorough knowledge of AI, its applications, and use cases. Get familiar with machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. Exemplify how AI works through a project. Quickly gain skills to apply AI and build smart apps using IBM Watson services.

Take your first step toward the exciting world of chatbots. Create and deploy AI-powered chatbots using Watson Assistant. Pick up practical skills in Python to work with Data Science and AI. Work on multiple Watson AI services (Discovery, Speech to Text, Assistant, and Text to Speech) to build AI applications.

Learn how Computer Vision is shaping multiple industries. Gain skills in Python, Watson AI, and OpenCV that enable you to process images. Interact with available image classification models. Create, train, and test your own custom image classifiers. Design your own Computer Vision application and deploy it to the cloud.

How It Works

This IBM Professional Certificate program comprises six carefully crafted courses that are sequenced in the form of a welldefined and tangible learning path. You can choose to enroll in the complete certification program or pick one course at a time. Each course completion takes you a step closer to acquire an IBM Professional Certificate. Some of the courses may also qualify for other learning paths. Instill confidence in the prospective employer by showcasing your AI Development skills.

Course Curriculum
  • 54 Hands-on labs
    53 Exercises
  • Over 42 HOURS
    of hands-on labs
  • 130 Videos
  • 297 Knowledge
  • Create
Exercises EXPLORE

  • IBM Watson

  • Python

  • Jupyter Notebook

Skills You Will Gain:

  • Gain an understanding of AI and terminologies related to it.
  • Learn the way IBM Watson works by studying and experiencing real-life use cases.
  • Acquire skills to visually create chatbots without writing codes.
  • Learn Python and give a kick start to your data science and AI journey.
  • Gain skills to build interactive information retrieval systems.
  • Be competent in Computer Vision and its applications.

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate - Outline

SkillUp Online Advantage

SkillUp Online Advantage is a multi-pronged approach that enables learners to:

  • Complete learning journey in stipulated time.
  • Achieve learning outcomes.
  • Apply and practice learning skills gained after the successful completion of the program.
  • Assisted Mentoring Services
    • The most sought-after blended learning services.
    • Highly specialized, committed, professionally certified, and empathetic course experts.
    • Interaction through customized discussion boards.
  • Personalized Mentoring Sessions
    • Online meeting sessions with the course expert.
    • Engagement with course experts of choice.
    • Agenda discussion with the course experts before the online meeting.
  • Enhanced Learning With Webinars
    • Calendarized, topic-based webinars and hands-on lab sessions.
    • Enhanced learning experience with quality knowledge.
    • Win awards and goodies by participating in Interactive and gamified events.
  • SME Sessions by Industry Practitioners
    • Time-to-time interaction with SME’s and Future-Technologies Practitioners.
    • Highly engaging SME events.
    • In-depth insights into how future technologies are being used in various industries.
  • Continuous Learning
    SkillUp Online live virtual CodeFests
    • Participate and win awards
    • Get a participation certificate
    More practice projects
    • Keep practicing on projects that course mentors keep deploying from time to time.

Enrollment Plans

Original Price - $294 USD
Special price - $269 USD

  • done

    Full Program Access for 6 Months

  • done

    IBM Professional Certificate upon Successful Program Completion

  • done

    Unlimited Discussion Board Support by Course Mentors

Original Price - $474 USD
Special price - $429 USD

  • done

    Silver +

  • done

    Personalized Mentoring – 6 One on One Sessions by Course Mentor

  • done

    Weekly Learning Updates with Personalized Guidance

  • done

    6 Live Classes

  • done

    Access to SKO’s Live Virtual Codefest Event*

*Live Virtual Codefest event will be organized towards the end of SKO’s IBM Prof Cert program for Gold & Platinum learners.

Original Price - $594 USD
Special price - $539 USD

  • done

    Gold +

  • done

    6 Webinars on Futuristic Technologies

  • done

    6 SME Sessions by Industry Practitioners

  • done

    Access to SKO’s Hands on Projects by Course Mentors*

*Access to SKO’s Hands on Projects by Course Mentors will be available upon successful completion of IBM Prof Cert Program


This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings, and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or on your mobile device.
The Professional Certificate consists of 6 self-paced courses. The effort required to complete each course is 4-5 weeks if spending 2-4 hours per week. At this rate, the entire specialization can be completed in 3-6 months.
This Professional Certificate is suitable for learners with both tech and non-tech backgrounds alike. The first three courses in the specialization do not require any programming. The final two courses need some knowledge of Python to build and deploy AI applications. For learners without any programming background, and introductory Python course is included.
It is highly recommended to complete the courses in the suggested order.
At this time, there is no university credit for completing courses in this Professional Certificate.
Upon completing this specialization, you will be able to:

1. Understand what is AI, its applications & use cases, and how it is transforming our lives
2. Explain terms like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks
3. Identify various Watson AI services from IBM and what they can be used for
4. Narrate several applications and real-life case studies involving Watson
5. Describe how AI-powered chatbot technology works and its applications
6. Create a customer support chatbot and deploy it to a website
7. Practice basics of Python programming language using Jupyter notebooks
8. Apply Python programming concepts for data science and AI
9. Utilize multiple Watson AI services and APIs together to build smart applications
9. Deploy speech-enabled virtual assistants with domain intelligence to Facebook, etc.
10. Explain what computer vision is and its applications
11. Build and train custom image classifiers using Watson, Python, and OpenCV
12. Create an interactive computer vision web application and deploy it to the cloud
Yes, you need to purchase a plan to access the course content.
You will have access to all course materials, including graded assignments, until the course end date.
IBM certification has worldwide recognition, and students have shared verified certificates on resumes or CVs, in applications for work or school, and on sites such as LinkedIn, which will be an incentive for any job you apply for.
No! Grades will not be visible on the certificate.
Notification for the shareable certificate upon completion certificates are sent to your registered email id. You can also view the certificate on your SkillUp Dashboard.
It is entirely up to you to take the courses you are interested in. But it is good to have knowledge of complete specialization.
Students worldwide have shared verified certificates on resumes or CVs, in applications for work or school, and on sites such as LinkedIn. It is an excellent way to give yourself an incentive to complete the course and celebrate your success.
Yes, absolutely. Any courses that you have already completed as part of that Specialization will be marked as ""Complete."" So you do not have to retake those courses and will be able to finish this Professional Certificate faster.
No, Any courses that you have already completed as part of that Specialization will be marked as ""Complete."" So you do not have to retake those courses and will be able to finish the Professional Certificate faster.

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