About POSH Law:

The indian legal landscape changed significantly in 2013, when the ‘Sexual harassment of women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal)Act’ commonly known as POSH Act became the POSH law.

POSH Law is comprehensive legislation to provide a safe, secure and an enabling environment, free from sexual harassment of any kind.

About POSH Learning Programme:

POSH Learning Programme

POSH learning programme has been designed to make all employees of an enterprise aware about the POSH law.

Lack of comprehensive knowledge prevents employees to make a sexual harassment free environment.

The programme:

  • creates awareness among all about what gestures and actions are considered as sexual harassment.
  • empowers all by giving them full knowledge about their rights and procedures, should they facesexual harassment
  • educates all employees about the legal procedures and possible outcomes thereof.


Overview of the course and the learning path.

Assessment introduction followed by final assessment. Learner’s Program Completion Certificate.

Forms of sexual harassment and unwelcome behaviours that constitute sexual harassment.

Guidelines for complainant, witnessesand all employees. Addressing complaints.

Comprehensive review of all the modules.

Assessment introduction followed by final assessment. Learner’s Program Completion Certificate.

POSH Training programme POSH Quizzes POSH completion certificate POSH online assessment

POSH Learning Programme Delivery Options:

Ideal for large enterprises | Multi Location | Remote Management | LMS Integration | Reports

Ideal for enterprises with small number of employees | Face to face interaction with SME

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POSH set up & implementation
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Re-draft hr policies (POSH)
Re-draft HR Policies (POSH)
POSH external member empanelment
External Member Empanelment

POSH learning programme promotes healthy and positive professional environment. The aim of this programme is to prevent, prohibit and redress sexualharassment. With more people getting aware through POSH learning programme, we believe that workplaces can be made sexual harassment free.

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