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Life-shaping courses and programs co-developed with leading organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, and NASSCOM.

Pacific Lutheran University

Founded in 1890, PLU has a long and highly successful history of integrating professional studies with civic engagement across the world. Based in Tacoma, Washington, it’s been earmarked as having one of the best business schools in the USA, and has consistently ranked as one of the top 15 universities in the west.

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Tech Programs

Through SkillUp Online’s mentored learning environment, PLU offers technical programs in high-demand specialisms such as artificial intelligence.

IBM Applied Artificial Intelligence
(AI) Professional Certificate


Foundations of Artificial
Intelligence Program


Microsoft Azure AI Engineer
Associate Program


Human Skills

Finely-tuned soft skills are critical for success in both professional and personal life.
Expand your skill-set now and reap the rewards throughout your career.

Ben Flower Coach and Director, Human Skills

Ben Flower

Coach and Director, Human Skills at Skill-Up Technologies

I spent over 25  years as a manager, director, and consultant in the IT industry. Learning on countless customer management and leadership experiences, I’ve learned what it takes to motivate and inspire both individuals and organizations at companies like IBM, Word Perfect, Novell, Attachmate, and Microsoft. 

Building Your Personal Brand


Creating Impact and Presence in the Virtual World


Executive Presence for Professional Success


Certificates You Can Earn

Pacific Lutheran University Certification Pacific Lutheran University Certification

Earn career-enhancing Certificates of Completion from the renowned Pacific Lutheran University and gain fully accredited Professional Certification from top industry organizations.


Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) is located in Tacoma, Washington State, USA. It was founded over a hundred years ago, and has a strong history of integrating professional studies with civic activities all around the globe. Though it is based in the USA, it has truly international reach and has consistently ranked as one of the top 15 universities in the west of the country. You can find out more about the university here:

Pacific Lutheran University issues Certificates of Completion for all tech programs and soft skills courses. The university does not issue certificates for the individual courses within the tech programs. However, in addition, IBM issues individual IBM Professional Certificates for any courses completed as part of an IBM Professional Certificate program. Plus, IBM confirms professional certification once an IBM Professional Certificate program has been successfully completed.

PLU has an ethos of helping students discern their life’s vocation through coursework, mentorship, and practical experience which is perfectly aligned with SkillUp Online’s mission and values. This collaboration offers tremendous opportunities to learners keen to connect with the university, wherever they are located around the world.

Yes. All the programs and courses offered in collaboration with SkillUp Online are 100% online. It will not be necessary for you to attend any classes in person. This means you will need to have appropriate access to the internet for the live sessions that will take place, as well as the required technology to be able to use the program/course materials. The materials for the programs and courses are in the form of articles, videos, and knowledge checks.

The great news is that this means you can access all programs and courses wherever you live in the world. Plus, you don’t need to worry about feeling alone, for you will be actively encouraged to connect with others on your course/program through the discussion space. You will also enjoy assisted mentoring and access to your instructors outside the live sessions too.

The courses and programs are instructor-led. This means live sessions are aired at pre-set times, and the courses and programs start and finish on set dates. Your assignments will also be due on set dates. However, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some self-paced work as well, for you are able to complete certain activities in your own time.

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Pacific Lutheran University is partnering with SkillUp Online to deliver high quality online professional development classes and certificates to the global community.

Both our institutions believe in empowering a diverse group of people worldwide for career advancement. Our classes represent valuable, accessible, affordable resources for those who want to improve their technology and soft business skills.

Geoff E. Foy, PhD

Associate Provost for Graduate Programs and Continuing Education

This collaboration between SkillUp Online and Pacific Lutheran University offers tremendous opportunities to learners keen to connect with the university, wherever they live. 

PLU’s quest to empower individuals to excel in both their careers and their lives wholly resonates with our goal of providing support, choice, and knowledge to people seeking to skill up and succeed.

Ratan Deep Singh

CEO, SkillUp Online

SkillUp Online’s mission is to inspire individuals to embrace lifelong learning. I believe this aligns perfectly with Pacific Lutheran University’s ethos of helping students discern their life’s vocation through coursework, mentorship, and practical experience.

This collaboration enables both institutions to provide valuable resources to learners across the globe through a world-engaged purposeful learning environment.

JPS Kohli

Founder and Group CEO, SkillUp

Purposeful learning with PLU, in collaboration with SkillUp Online