Learn Future Skills based on standards defined by the industry.

NASSCOM SSC recognized programs in future skills are developed keeping in mind the industry standards & needs in these emerging technologies. These programs are part of industry led initiative to upskill professionals and make them ready for jobs of the future. Start upskilling today & become future ready!.

NASSCOM SSC Recognized Programs

  • NASSCOM SSC Recognized Foundation Artificial Intelligence Program for All

    This AI program enables the learner to understand the fundamentals of AI (differentiate among narrow, general and super AI). The learner also masters the skills (fundamentals of Data Structures and Syntaxes) along with gaining the ability to implement Algorithms for AI. These learnings set up foundation for advance AI practices vis-à-vis Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

    • 06


    • 50 - 70

      Hours Required

    • 10