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About the Program

Second guessing your decisions is not an option when the stakes are high. Every day, we as humans, make tonnes of decisions, from the point that the alarm rings in the morning, to the location of our pillows at the end of the night. Some decisions have lasting impacts, while others move us from place A to place B. How we make these decisions and the rational driving these decisions are critical to our success.

This learning path is designed to demonstrate how to identify insights from data to support consistently making clear and rational decisions. Courses in this learning path are case study driven, and put data manipulation, data visualization and analytical techniques in the context of the everyday to put an end to the second guess.

Big Data Fundamentals – Course Outline

Course 1: Data Privacy Fundamentals

Effort: 5 hours Level: Beginner

You have the data, you have the skills, a colleague asks you to hack a password, what do you do? Is your decision ethical? This course is designed to keep you in line with current privacy laws and guide you on a path to keep you out of trouble.

Course 2: Data Analytics & Regression

Effort: 5 hours Level: Beginner

Running a 100-meter sprint in rain boots is like asking your competition to win on your behalf. Know the tools you need to have the competitive edge. Use this course as a case study to move you from problem to solution using the best suited tool set.

Course 3: Predictive Modeling Fundamentals

Effort: 5 hours Level: Intermediate

This course provides an introduction to predictive modeling fundamentals. You will learn predictive modeling techniques using a real-world data set and also get introduced to IBM's popular predictive analytics platform IBM SPSS Modeler.

Learning Path Courses

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    Data Privacy Fundamentals

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    Digital Analytics & Regression

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    Predictive Modeling Fundamentals I

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