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About the Program

The first course covers basic blockchain concepts such as shared ledgers, smart contracts, provenance, and consensus. You’ll also see what makes a good blockchain network use case and finally build a simple blockchain network.

The second course shows you how to create more complex blockchain applications. You’ll also learn what developers need to know to contribute to the overall blockchain solution for a business network.

The last course shows you how to build a blockchain network for a specific use case: tracking food and other perishable goods through a supply chain. You’ll use an IoT asset tracker and Node-RED to track and collect temperature, motion, and other data. That data is fed to a blockchain network to be used as an immutable record of transaction history throughout the journey of the cargo.
Enjoy these blockchain courses!

Blockchain for Developers - Course Outline

Course 1: Blockchain Essentials

Effort: 3 hours Level: Beginner

Understand blockchain technology and how it can solve business problems. Learn the basics of developing applications with chaincode.

Course 2: IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer

Effort: 6 hours Level: Intermediate

Dive deeper into blockchain business networks and their components: ledgers, consensus, smart contracts, and more. Learn how to build your first blockchain application and get more experience with Hyperledger Composer and chaincode to build networks.

Course 3: Build an IoT Blockchain Network for a Supply Chain

Effort: 4 hours Level: Intermediate

This course shows you how to use a an IoT Asset Tracking device, build a blockchain network, and configure a Node-RED dashboard to implement a perishable network supply chain. You can also use a simulated tracker if you don't want to purchase and set up the hardware.

Learning Path Courses

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    Blockchain Essentials

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    IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer

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