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About the Program

Data is comprised of bits and bytes, and as humans we are immersed in data in our every-day lives. The value that data holds can only be understood when we can start to identify patterns and trends within the data that then trigger questions to better understand the impact of our actions. This learning path is designed move participants from an initial understanding of Big Data terms and concepts to working with tool sets to dig into the data itself and start identifying the patterns and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Big Data Fundamentals – Course Outline

Course 1 – Big Data 101

Effort: 3 hours Level: Beginner

How big is big data? What does Apache Hadoop have to do with big data? In this course you will learn the basic big data concepts and terminology, and how big data isn't just about the size of data.

Course 2 – Hadoop 101

Effort: 5 hours Level: Beginner

Apache Hadoop is one of the hottest technologies that paves the ground for analyzing big data. Learn more about what Hadoop is and its components, such as MapReduce and HDFS. Come on this journey to play with large data sets and see Hadoop’s method of distributed processing.

Course 3 – Spark Fundamentals 1

Effort: 5 hours Level: Beginner

Ignite your interest in Apache Spark with an introduction to the core concepts that make this general processor an essential tool set for working with Big Data. Get hands-on experience with Spark in our lab exercises, hosted in the cloud.

Learning Path Courses

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    Big Data 101

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  • /asset-v1:IBM+BD0111EN+v1+type@asset+block@Hadoop-101.jpg

    Hadoop 101

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    Spark Fundamentals I

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