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About the Program

This learning program enables the learner to effectively manage large volume, velocity and variety of Big Data and provide meaningful – actionable insights. These insights help the organisation take informed business decisions that are based on inhouse Big Data Analytics.

Foundations for Big Data Program – Course Outline

Course 1 – Big Data

The topics covered in this section include the basic knowledge and skills that a learner must possess before being trained on the core concepts of Big Data Analytics.

Topics Covered

Course 2 – SQL and Relational Databases

The topics that would be covered in this section include the basic skills that a learner must possess to operate various Big Data systems and platforms.

Topics Covered

Course 3- Hadoop

Gain understanding of Hadoop and how Big Data solutions work on the cloud.

Topics Covered

Course 4- Spark Fundamentals

Through the topics covered in this section, learner will gain understanding of Spark, Spark components, how to use Spark’s Scala and Python for big data modelling.

Topics Covered

Course 5: Apache Pig

Learn the ways to invoke Pig, data structures used in Pig and use Pig platform to build programs for managing Big Data.

Topics Covered

Course 6: Fundamentals of Big Data Pipelines and workflows & analytical operations in Big Data Pipeline

Learn how to build data pipeline to process and support the data flow and make it understandable to humans for making more informed decisions.

Topics Covered

Course 7: Difference between RDBMS and BDMS

Through this course, a learner will understand the key concepts behind Big Data modelling and management and gain practical skills for modelling Big Data projects.

Topics Covered

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