70% of Indian companies have already deployed some form of AI-enabled business solution

Artificial intelligence is changing the world rapidly and faster than anyone can think. The world of AI is exciting and intriguing.
Since 1950s, mankind has tried multiple times to enable machines take over mundane tasks but with limited success.

AI has already entered our personal space in the form of virtual assistants. It continues to bring transformation across the industries in various ways. From predictive maintenance in large manufacturing companies to precision surgeries in hospitals, AI is now making its presence felt everywhere. AI powered chatbots have already raised the customer service bar manifold.

As businesses look to develop and adopt more AI powered solutions, AI skills become most sought after. Whether you are a working professional or a collegiate about to enter the exciting world of technology, AI skills are essential.

About the Program

Foundational AI for the Future is AI for all. The program provides a broad foundation to the basic requirements, applications, and careers associated with AI. Learners gain knowledge about the history of AI. They get substantial exposure to the roles that relational databases, statistics, and Python play in AI development. Upon successful completion, learners will get a NASSCOM SSC- SkillUp Online co-branded completion certificate.

  • Create data visualizations with Python.
  • Experience Python as an AI tool and its impact on businesses.
  • Become future ready by learning the trends and career opportunities AI offers.
  • Learn fundamentals of SQL, data structures, and impact of statistics on AI research.
  • Confidently implement AI projects in the organization to achieve business goals.
Course Curriculum
  • 32 Hands-on labs
    02 Exercises
  • Over 9 HOURS
    of hands-on labs
  • 10 Videos
  • 23 Knowledge
  • Create
  • Completion
Exercises EXPLORE

  • Pandas

  • Python

  • SQL coding

  • NumPy

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence- Outline

Course 3: AI Programming Fundamentals: Python

Gain understanding of programming concepts aligned to AI. Gain practical knowledge of Python language. Learn about algorithms used for developing and implementing AI solutions.

Topics Covered
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Course 4: AI Statistics-Python

Learn mathematical and statistical concepts for AI. Learn to develop statistical and analytical models for building AI solutions.

Topics Covered
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Course 5: Data Visualization with Python

Learn to build creative graphs, live charts from the data analysis. Learn tools to develop interactive data visuals and ability to present data on real time.

Topics Covered
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SkillUp Online Advantage

SkillUp Online Advantage is a multi-pronged approach that enables learners to:

  • Complete learning journey in stipulated time.
  • Achieve learning outcomes.
  • Apply and practice learning skills gained after the successful completion of the program.
  • Assisted Mentoring Services
    • The most sought-after blended learning services.
    • Highly specialized, committed, professionally certified, and empathetic course experts.
    • Interaction through customized discussion boards.
  • Personalized Mentoring Sessions
    • Online meeting sessions with the course expert.
    • Engagement with course experts of choice.
    • Agenda discussion with the course experts before the online meeting.
  • Enhanced Learning With Webinars
    • Calendarized, topic-based webinars and hands-on lab sessions.
    • Enhanced learning experience with quality knowledge.
    • Win awards and goodies by participating in Interactive and gamified events.
  • SME Sessions by Industry Practitioners
    • Time-to-time interaction with SME’s and Future-Technologies Practitioners.
    • Highly engaging SME events.
    • In-depth insights into how future technologies are being used in various industries.
  • Continuous Learning
    SkillUp Online live virtual CodeFests
    • Participate and win awards
    • Get a participation certificate
    More practice projects
    • Keep practicing on projects that course mentors keep deploying from time to time.