TechMaster Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Data Science.

Open the door to exciting career opportunities in artificial intelligence. Leverage your tech background to cross-skill into AI, to build your knowledge to an advanced level to be job-ready with AI and data science certifications from IBM and Microsoft.
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With 90% of leading organizations now investing in AI (Grand View Research), building skills in this fast-moving field is a great way way to future-proof your career.

This technology-focused program is ideally suited to tech professionals who are seeking to transition to a career in AI. It is specifically designed to provide you with the in-demand skills, practical understanding, and certifications employers are actively looking for.

As you progress through the modules, the program introduces you to the fundamentals of both AI and data science and then builds your skills and knowledge to an advanced level, so you are ready to work in AI as soon as you graduate. You gain the in-depth understanding of AI technologies AND the underpinning knowledge of data science that you need for a successful career in AI. You complete hands-on labs, platform-specific projects, and an industry-oriented capstone project. Plus, you get valuable opportunities to earn certifications from our partners, Microsoft and IBM.

By the end of the program, you then have a resume that will catch the eye of a prospective employer.

This 11-month TechMaster Certificate Program comprises 15 artificial intelligence and data science courses that take you on a journey from the fundamentals to an advanced skill level.

Our proven learning methodology blends the best that instructor-led training and self-paced learning have to offer. Leveraging the power of instructor feedback, mentor-supported hands-on practice, and additional home-based studying, you will build the deep technical and practical understanding today’s employers are looking for.

Additionally, you will enjoy learning via an interactive online classroom environment where you will be able to participate and actively engage with your peers, instructors, and mentors. Plus, you will get the opportunity to earn recognized AI and data science certifications which will help your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out.

However, we do understand that learners need flexibility. Whether you’re doing a degree, working full time, or managing a busy family, building skills for a new job is only achievable with online training that fits in with your schedule. To help, we offer training in batches that suit different lifestyles.

This includes:

  • Instructor-led training sessions either during the weekend, weekdays, or evenings.
  • A learning pace that matches the number of hours per week you have available. E.g. from 2 hrs per week to 20 hours per week... you choose.
  • Mentoring support on hand at every step to keep you on track and motivated.

You will be able to:

  • Perform data analysis: data collection, extraction, query, cleaning, and aggregation.
  • Use SQL and Git: gather, store, and organize data.
  • Perform visual and statistical analysis on data.
  • Build and implement machine learning models and algorithms.
  • Gain insights from data using question, modeling, and validation problem-solving processes.
  • Use YARN, Hadoop, MapReduce.
  • Use TensorFlow for curvefitting, regression, classification, and the minimization of errors.
  • Apply TensorFlow for backpropagation to tune weights and biases while neural networks are being trained.
  • Understand deep architecture: convolutional networks, recurrent networks, and autoencoders.
  • Understand key concepts in Azure: cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, security, pricing, support, and privacy in Azure.
  • Understand key concepts in Azure AI: computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge mining, Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft Bot Framework, and conversational AI solutions.
  • Operate machine learning solutions at cloud scale using Azure Machine Learning.
  • Use Python for machine learning in Microsoft Azure.
  • Manage data ingestion and preparation, model training, and deployment.
  • Use Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Build natural language solutions with Azure OpenAI Service
  • Apply prompt engineering with Azure OpenAI Service.

This program is ideal for working tech professionals and tech-oriented career switchers keen to build a career in AI. Ideal candidates include:

  • Technology students with a keen interest in hands-on AI.
  • Tech enthusiasts seeking to implement AI in their work.
  • IT professionals looking to transition onto an AI career pathway.
  • Software developers seeking to extend their technical skills to include AI.

  • A technical education or a technical career background.
  • Minimum 2 years’ work experience.
  • Programming experience is not a prerequisite but it is an advantage.

Once you have successfully completed this TechMaster Certificate Program, you will be awarded a series of globally recognized certificates. These certificates provide validation of your knowledge, job-ready skills, and practical experience, and make a valuable addition to your resumé and LinkedIn profile.

  • - 1 x SkillUp Online TechMaster Certificate
  • - Continuing Education Credits
  • - 8 IBM certifications
  • - Mapping to 3 x Microsoft Certifications
  • This program will prepare you for taking 3 key Microsoft certification exams. These exams must be taken externally through Pearson Vue.

Finely tuned soft skills are critical for success in both professional and personal life.

Research carried out by Wonderlic has shown that 97% of employers believe soft skills affect job performance. Now, professionals with strong human skills are often favored in job applications and interviews. This TechMaster Certificate Program includes targeted sessions from our popular human skills courses. These sessions will improve your communication, leadership, problem solving, and analytical skills, plus they will prepare you for interviews once you’ve completed the program.

Once you have successfully completed this TechMaster Certificate Program, our career guidance service will begin. This will include:

A Tech Skills Assessment & Mock Interview

  • - A technical assessment test to gauge your skills level - this will ensure we provide the career mentoring you need
  • - Pre-employability training
  • - Mock HR interviews
  • - Mock technical interviews

7-day Finishing School Program.

  • - Resume and online profile preparation
  • - Further mock HR and technical interviews
  • - Interview coaching
  • - Individual counselling

Our mentors are specialists in their technical fields. They have the experience and expertise required to understand the challenges you face as you tackle complex technical subject matter.

To support you as you learn, not only will you get real-time feedback from experienced instructors, but also 1-on-1 mentoring assistance that enhances your understanding. Our mentors are on-call to help as you build your practical experience in the hands-on labs. They’ll also be contactable through our popular discussion spaces. Plus, they’ll monitor your progress and provide constructive and timely feedback to ensure you complete the program.

You'll benefit from:

  • - Real-time feedback and support from qualified instructors.
  • - 1-to-1 mentoring support for query resolution and guidance.
  • - Actively managed discussion space support.
  • - Constructive and timely progress monitoring.
  • - Regular formative and summative assessments.
  • - Industry expert sessions introducing the corporate environment.


11 months



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Baseline Knowledge Check in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Data Science

Take our quick quiz and see how your knowledge stacks up. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Data Science knowledge check consists of 18 multiple-choice questions.

Once you’ve completed the test and submitted your answers, we’ll email you your result. Sound good? Great, let’s get started.


Why Learn with SkillUp Online?

We believe every learner is an individual and every course is an opportunity to build job-ready skills. Through our human-centered approach to learning, we will empower you to fulfil your professional and personal goals and enjoy career success.


Reskilling into tech? We’ll support you.


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1-on-1 mentoring, live classes, webinars, weekly feedback, peer discussion, and much more.


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Hands-on labs and projects tackling real-world challenges. Great for your resumé and LinkedIn profile.


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Competency building and global certifications employers are actively looking for.


Training is delivered using live and interactive virtual instructor-led sessions conducted by our subject matter experts. Self-paced learning is supported by our mentoring team for each of the artificial intelligence and data science courses included in this program. In this Data Science with AI course, you will engage in interactive exercises and projects, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of both the concepts and their practical implications.

Yes, you will be learning generative AI in this program. The demand for generative AI skills is skyrocketing in today's tech-driven landscape. According to Techopedia, it's projected that AI's growth will contribute a staggering $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Notably, the introduction of ChatGPT, a type of generative AI, has also significantly accelerated the expansion of this field. Additionally, a Forbes study reveals that a remarkable 97% of business owners anticipate a positive impact on their operations from the adoption of ChatGPT.

During the live sessions, learners can post questions to the instructor using the live chat option. Additionally, the training platform has various tools that enable learners to get the attention of a mentor so they can ask a question.

The hands-on practicals are conducted using online virtual labs. All you need is a PC or a laptop with an internet connection. We will provide you with a login ID to access and do the practicals.

Our Mentoring Team is available to answer your queries through live chat or email. If required, the team can solve your queries using remote desktop support,

We post recordings of the live sessions included in the data science and artificial intelligence courses in this program on the Learning Management System (LMS). You will be able to visit the LMS to view recordings if you miss a session. The recordings will be available to help with revision too before your final exam.

The study material and session recordings will be available throughout the duration of the program. You will be able to access them as many times as you want.

Your internet speed should be a minimum of 512Kbps.

To attend the live video streaming sessions, view session recordings, and access learning materials for each of the artificial intelligence and data science course included in this program, you can use your mobile phone. A smartphone that is 4G enabled is required. However, to do the hands-on labs and practicals, you will need a PC/laptop.

The live video streaming sessions use the concept of a virtual classroom in a metaverse environment. Learners attend live sessions with an instructor present and receive training as if they are attending the session in a classroom. The sessions are supplemented by virtual labs and post-session technical support to resolve all queries. E-learning platforms do not provide live training sessions. The content hosted on an E-learning platform is static.

AI and data science specialists are crucial in today’s business environment. Companies in all industries, from eCommerce, to finance, retail, transport, manufacturing, and healthcare are searching for new talent that can compile, analyze, and visualize data to glean powerful insights. To enhance effectiveness and efficiency, AI specialists are responsible for setting up new apps and systems that use AI to make smarter judgments. This, in turn, boosts profit, enhances customer relationships, and reduces costs. Moreover, with the launch of Open AI’s generative AI model ‘ChatGPT’ in the market, companies are now keen to explore further the possibilities of what AI can do. Data scientists work collaboratively with business stakeholders to figure out how data can help them accomplish their goals. They create algorithms and prediction models to extract the required data for a given objective and then analyze the data, create meaningful visual reports, and share information.

Program Offering


Type of certificate

1 x SkillUp Online TechMaster Certificate

8 x IBM Certificates

Continuing Education Credits

Mapping to 3 x Microsoft Certifications


About this program

15 Courses



Discussion space

170+ Hours virtual instructor-led

250+ Hours self-paced

115+ hours hands-on labs

16 Hours human skills

1-to-1 mentoring

04 Projects

01 Final capstone project

Career services



Jupyter Notebook using IBM Watson Studio with Python

Analyzing and prediction model

Charts, maps, & dashboards

Future prediction model

Recurrent neural network

Restricted Boltzmann machine

Deep belief network

Virtual machine

Azure account

Function application

LUIS app

Bot QnA maker

Datastores, datasets, & pipelines

Real-time inferencing service

Batch inferencing service


Exercises to explore

MongoDB - SQL & NoSQL


Visual recognition with IBM Watson

IBM Watson

SQL & database

Exploratory data analysis

Model development, evaluation and refinement

Regression, classification & clustering

Recommender systems

Deep learning


Azure portal

Visual Studio code


C++ Redistributable


Azure Databricks

This program has been created by these experts


Benjamin Flower

Director of Leadership Development, SkillUp Technology

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Rav Ahuja

Global Program Director

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Joseph Santarcangelo

PhD., Data Scientist at IBM

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This course is led by experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).

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Saeed Aghabozorgi

Sr. Data Scientist

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