About this course

What separates organizations or individuals that exhibit excellence in a continuously evolving world is their ability to challenge and change their mindset and paradigm. Developing a growth mindset is about breaking down mental barriers and moving away from fixed ideas. A growth mindset enables companies and people to remain relevant in the future.

What you will learn

‘Growth Mindset for Professional Success’ is a 4-week course based on neuroscience and its role in the formation of various mindsets. The instructor provides an in-depth understanding of neuroplasticity and its relationship to a growth mindset. This course equips organizations and learners with tools to help them challenge and change their mindsets.

  • Learn to identify your mindset and how it can be changed.
  • Develop awareness and acceptance.
  • Gain insights on neuroplasticity.  
  • Discover how to develop and sustain a growth mindset.
  • Learn to lead yourself before you lead others.


There are no prerequisites for this course as the concepts and subject matter apply to all learners. The learners who wish to learn about and understand the role of mindset in their personal and professional success are the ideal participants for this transformational course. A growth mindset is critical across all spheres of life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire a deep understanding of neuroplasticity and the attributes of a growth mindset.
  • Learn to differentiate between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
  • Apply a growth mindset to lead yourself and others.
  • Work on self-development to attain self-mastery.
  • Practice productive habits by learning mindfulness exercises.
  • Break the chain of old habits and start afresh.

Meet the Instructor

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Monica Jerath

Monica Jerath has over 30 years of experience in C-Level engagements, consulting, facilitation, coaching, talent management, learning, and development. She has worked with numerous organizations across the globe as an employee and entrepreneur, providing training and management consulting. Her unique ability to identify critical issues that drive organizations and individuals comes from her extensive global experience. She continually works to sharpen her abilities as a dedicated Growth Mindset practitioner. She is based in Singapore and loves to travel, explore, and experience new cultures. Recently, she received recognition as an Adult Educator by the Singapore Government.

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  • HS-GM-101
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  • 4 Weeks, 1.5 Hours Class & Home Assignments
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  • $199 USD
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