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About this course

Executive Presence is critical to one’s career progression and success, so it has been studied and documented in great detail. There are thousands of books, articles, blogs, videos, and training programs available on the subject. Unfortunately, this existing information significantly misses the mark by either over-diluting the topic into bite-size pieces or sending the learner on their way with no self-discovery or roadmap for improvement.

This course, Executive Presence for Professional Success, avoids both of those pitfalls by taking a holistic approach to the subject matter, providing the learner with individual feedback on their existing level of Executive Presence, and helping them create a strategic plan for actual improvement. These objectives are accomplished through a blended learning approach that includes instructor-led workshops, individual assessments, and workbook learning, delivered in a course that is spread over four weeks.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to define Executive Presence, understand your own level of Executive Presence, and build a roadmap to improve your Executive Presence.

What You Will Learn

How to:

  • Define Executive Presence 
  • Explain the multitude of attributes that comprise Executive Presence
  • Assess your mastery level for each of the various attributes of Executive Presence 
  • Build a strategic plan to improve your Executive Presence by focusing on the biggest growth opportunities
  • Improve your interview skills and success in the hiring process
  • Accelerate career advancement
  • Increase your level of impact on others
  • Increase respect and esteem from management, peers, and direct reports
  • Gain being considered an important member of the team


There are no prerequisites for this course as the concepts and subject matter apply to all learners. The ideal student is the individual looking to increase their executive, leadership, and professional presence. These skills are critical across every stage of career advancement, from the college graduate looking to land their first career job to the senior-level executive looking to increase their impact and motivational skills.

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Defining Executive Presence / Physical and Visual Attributes

  • What is Executive Presence?
  • Why do I need Executive Presence?
  • How do I improve my Executive Presence?
  • Understanding the true path to improving Executive Presence
  • Physical and Visual Attributes of Executive Presence
    • Appearance
    • Posture
    • Handshake
    • Voice: Tone/Volume
    • Voice: Accent
    • Voice: Tempo

Week 2: Functional and Behavioral Attributes / Relational Attributes

  • Functional and Behavioral Attributes
    • Work Ethic / Drive
    • Passion
    • Conviction / Confidence
    • Prepared / Detail Oriented
    • Articulate / Succinct
  • Relational Attributes
    • Listening
    • Accountability
    • Persuasive / Influential
    • Engaging: Story Telling
    • Engaging: Sense of Humor
    • Decisiveness / “Showing Teeth”

Week 3: Emotional Attributes / Refine and Improve

  • Emotional Attributes
    • Sincerity / Authenticity
    • Transparency
    • Empathy
    • Humility
    • Integrity
  • Refine and Improve
    • Seek Ongoing Improvement
    • Receptive to Feedback
    • Committed / Persistent

Week 4: Receiving and Giving Feedback / Final Assessment

  • Giving feedback to peers
  • Receiving feedback from peers
  • Building your targeted improvement plan
  • Final Assessment

General Information

This course is structured as a four-week virtual online course as opposed to a self-paced course. There will be course work that you will be required to complete on your own time, which contributes and leads to the workshop events that are live and instructor-led. There will be three separate and distinct workshops spread across the first three weeks of the course. During the three workshops there will be interaction with peers, interaction with the instructor, whiteboard sessions, polling questions, workbook reviews, assessment reviews, and other activities that will be led by the instructor in a live session.

The workshops will be conducted on specific dates and at specific times (check your calendar for details), and each of the three distinct workshops will be offered only once. You must prioritize these workshops on your calendar since the workshops will not be repeated.


Course Staff Image #1
Benjamin Flower

Director of Leadership Development, SkillUp Technologies
Ben has spent over 25 years as a manager, director, and consultant in the IT industry, but his entrance into this industry was a bit unconventional. After attending Brigham Young University and Eastern Montana College on multiple music education and performance scholarships, Ben eventually realized he had a passion for computers and management that outweighed his musical interests. Departing the field of music, Ben spent the next 25 years in his career working at IBM, WordPerfect, Novell, Attachmate, and Microsoft.

Now, leaning on a lifetime of customer management, people management, and executive experiences, Ben focuses on taking the lessons he has learned throughout his career and applying them to the field of leadership development and motivational speaking. His workshops and classes draw on real-life, challenging, and relevant experiences that he incorporates into the learning environment, thereby creating a rich and rewarding experience for the learner. With this approach, he develops powerful learning environments that are engaging and inspiring.

Ben was born in Montana and has lived in the Seattle area for the past 23 years. Beyond his passion for IT and leadership development, his love of music has directed him to another outlet of performing in the Seattle Ensign Symphony and Chorus. With music in his DNA, he frequently weaves musical content and analogies into his workshops, creating powerful and immersive events.

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