About this course

Organizations that comprise of managers who possess coaching skills are best suited to be successful. Coaching skills are one of the hallmarks of exceptional managers.

Learn to lead by example, ask the right questions, steer your team in the right direction, and motivate your staff to achieve their goals.

What You Will Learn

Coaching Skills for Managers is a 12-week course that contains six modules. This course enables organizations to use coaching skills as an effective tool to advance their businesses. It aids companies in dealing with complex job shifts and fine-tunes leadership performance. It empowers the organizations to evolve and stay ahead in an ever-changing global market. Organizations learn to develop pliable methods to achieve strategic business goals, sustain the workflow, and maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of coaching to improve your team's performance
  • Learn how to unblock a stuck situation or conversation
  • Comprehend the difference between leading a team and managing a team
  • Develop skills to run meetings effectively
  • Learn to get rid of old behaviors and create new ones
  • Gain skills to handle difficult conversations tactfully


The learners who wish to master and implement coaching skills are the ideal participants for this transformational course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to build a coaching mindset and culture within your organization.
  • Learn how to create opportunities that help team members grow.
  • Gain insights to create opportunities for managers and leaders to become better and more effective.
  • Acquire skills to empower other leaders to manage their staff and teams more effectively.
  • Become a more effective manager and leader by focusing on the value-added part of your role.
  • Give a kick-start to your professional growth by creating a productive, successful, and high performing teams.

Meet your Instructor

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Instructor Monica Mahi Mathijs

Monica has over 17 years of corporate experience in Financial Services and Big Four Consulting. During her career, Monica has led business transformations and project delivery across a variety of projects locations around the globe. She believes in people-centric organizations and creates grassroots leadership programs and initiatives. Whether it is a large-scale organizational change, the roll-out of new systems and processes, or global shifts, she believes that companies must consider the impact on their people.

Monica has designed, developed, and delivered learning programs and workshops across many organizations with real results and impact. She is a believer in human potential. She thinks everyone has a contribution to make, and when nurtured, people can become their best selves.

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Instructor Philippe Mathijs

Philippe has over 25 years of experience in Consulting and Financial Services. He is an award-winning executive coach and 2019 Board member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He has worked internationally in Business, Risk, and IT disciplines. Philippe has direct knowledge of the challenges faced by today's leaders and knows how to cultivate resolutions. He holds an MBA and is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Philippe spent 10+ years and thousands of hours combining business, coaching, and mentoring before fully dedicating his life to his passion: helping others reach their full potential. He believes people can achieve their desires, aspirations, and explore their potential by developing new ways of living, operating, behaving, and being. He is genuinely passionate about seeing people grow and thrive.

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  • 12 weeks (Self paced+ 6 virtual live sessions - 90 minutes each)
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