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AI for Everyone: Master the Basics

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics

Dive into the exciting world of AI and discover its applications and use cases. Discover key AI concepts including deep learning, neural networks, and machine learning.

Take your first critical step towards developing sought-after skills in AI.

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics Highlights

  Course duration


  • 4 weeks, online
    1-2 hours/week
  Course Fee


US$ 99 - US$ 199

Course duration


  • 4 weeks, online
    1-2 hours/week
Course Fee


US$ 99 - US$ 199

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touching everyone’s lives; at home and at work. There is no doubt that the future of work includes AI, and it is a field that offers rewarding careers to those who excel. For learners seeking to develop a solid foundation of knowledge over time, this course presents the ideal introduction to the subject.

In this course, you will explore what AI is, and you will learn about its applications and use cases. You will investigate basic AI concepts, including neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning. You will consider the concerns surrounding AI, including ethics, bias, jobs, and the impact on society. You will learn from experts in the field as they share their views on AI and give you guidance on how to start your career. Plus, you will have the opportunity to experience AI in action through interactive hands-on exercises.

To pursue a career in this field, it’s critical that you become familiar with AI, its applications, key concepts, and terminologies. This course will provide you with the strong foundation of knowledge you need to then be able to progress with confidence through the remaining courses in the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program if you so wish.

This course comprises four purposely designed modules that take you on a carefully defined learning journey. If you are thinking about taking the course separately, it is worth noting that it is part of the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program and you may want to consider enrolling for the whole program rather than just enrolling for one course at a time.

It is a self-paced course, which means it is not run to a fixed schedule with regard to completing modules or submitting assignments. To give you an idea of how long the course takes to complete, it is anticipated that if you work 1-2 hours per week, you will complete the program in a month. However, as long as the course is completed by the end of your enrollment, you can work at your own pace. And you will be encouraged to stay connected with your learning community and mentors through the course discussion space.

The materials for each module are accessible from the start of the course and will remain available for the duration of your enrollment. Methods of learning and assessment will include videos, reading material, and online exams questions.

As part of our mentoring service you will have access to valuable guidance and support throughout the course. We provide a dedicated discussion space where you can ask questions, chat with your peers, and resolve issues. Depending on the payment plan you have chosen, you may also have access to live classes and webinars, which are an excellent opportunity to discuss problems with your mentor and ask questions. Mentoring services will vary across packages.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will earn your IBM Certificate.

  • A good understanding of what AI is, its applications, and its use cases.
  • Abilty to explain terms such as machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.
  • Understanding of the issues and ethical concerns surrounding AI.
  • Understanding of how to start a career in AI.

This course is suitable for learners with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

The course is specifically aimed at:

  • Individuals who are keen to begin their career in artificial intelligence.
  • College graduates looking to land their first AI job.
  • Experienced developers seeking to upskill, enhance their AI knowledge, and participate in AI projects.

No experience required.


Course Outline

Learning Objectives
Video: Introducing AI (3:28)
Video: What is AI? (3:50)
Video: Tanmay’s Journey and Take on AI (5:50)
Video: Impact and Applications of AI (3:50)
Video: Application Domains for AI (5:37)
Video: Some Applications of AI (5:34)
Video: More Applications of AI (3:03)
Graded Quiz - Module 1
Learning Objectives
Video: Machine Learning (4:27)
Video: Machine Learning Techniques and Training (4:01)
Video: Deep Learning (2:10)
Video - Neural Networks (3:39)
Hands-On Lab: Paint with AI (20 mins)
Video - Key Fields of Application in AI (4:05)
AI Application Areas: Video - Natural Language Processing, Speech, Computer Vision (4:31)
AI Application Areas: Video - Self-Driving Cars (4:15)
Hands-On Lab: Computer Vision (20 Mins)
Reading - Module Summary
Graded Quiz - Module 2
Learning Objectives
Video - Issues and Concerns Around AI (4:52)
Video - AI and Ethical Concerns (4:53)
Video - AI and Bias (2:46)
Video - AI Ethics, Bias and Trust (4:22)
Hands-on Lab - Detect the Bias (20 mins)
Video - Jobs and AI (4:23)
Video - Employment and AI (3:42)
Reading - AI Working for Good
Reading- Principles for Ethical AI
Reading - Module Summary
Graded Quiz - Module 3
Learning Objectives
Video - The Evolution and Future of AI (4:27)
Reading - What's Next for AI
Video - Future with AI (4:28)
Reading - What will our Society look like when AI is everywhere?
Video - The AI Ladder - The Journey for Adopting AI Successfully (2:35)
Video - Advice for a Career in AI (5:51)
Video - Hotbeds of AI Innovation (3:02)
Video - Tanmay’s Advice to Learn AI (3:49)
Video - Polong’s Advice for a Job in AI (4:14)
Reading - Module Summary
Reading: Conclusion and Next Steps (3 min)
Guidelines for Submission
Exercise: Sales Promotion using a Data Modeler
Final Assessment - Peer Graded Responses
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AI for Everyone: Master the Basics


This course, AI for Everyone: Master the Basics, has been developed as part of the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program. However, it is possible to enroll on this course without having enrolled on the program, and you will still gain your IBM Professional Certificate for the course even if you’re not enrolled on the full program. There are no prerequisites for enrolling onto the course.

This course, along with the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program, has been specifically designed to introduce the fundamentals of AI to anyone, regardless of their level of technical and computing knowledge. You do not need to have any technical experience, and you do not need to have a background in programming either. Overall, therefore, if you’re keen to investigate building a career in AI, this course is the ideal place for you to start your AI journey.

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics is an ideal starting point for learners keen to start a career in AI. It is made of up of a series of modules, each one introducing you to key concepts and terminologies in the world of AI, so you begin to become familiar with AI and its applications. By the end of the course, you will have a valuable understanding of what AI is, and how it is used.

Please note, that though this course is self-paced and online, you are encouraged to connect with other learners and your mentors via the course discussion space. There is always help available if you get stuck, and you need not feel you are learning alone!

This course is 100% online, so you do not need to attend any classes in person. Instead, you need the required technology to access the internet and use the course materials and complete the assignments e.g. articles, videos, and Q&A knowledge checks. With this approach, it will be possible to complete the course wherever you live in the world.

When you enroll for the course (or the full program – IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate), you will see in your dashboard that you have access to the information for this course and related modules from the start. You are therefore able to familiarize yourself with the material as soon as you enroll.

Once you have completed this course, you will earn an IBM Professional Certificate. However, as it is part of the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Program, you will also be one step closer to obtaining IBM Professional Certification as an AI professional too if that is a route you are planning to take.