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POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

posh act

The POSH Act: Non-compliance can lead to a fine of ₹50,000. You also run the risk of losing your business license for repeat offences.

POSH training is key to ensuring compliance with the POSH Act. If your organization employs more than ten people, you have a mandatory responsibility to comply with POSH legislation.

SkillUp Online’s POSH employee training enables you to

  • Icon Done TickDocument your legal compliance
  • Icon Done TickProtect your company reputation
  • Icon Done TickPrevent incidents of sexual harassment
  • Icon Done TickBoost employee retention and engagement
  • Icon Done TickEnhance productivity and teamwork


your organization is compliant

POSH Training by SkillUp Online

Our POSH courses have been specifically designed by our subject matter expert to help organizations become POSH compliant.

posh act

posh act

POSH: Employee Training

Online Self-Paced | Certificate of Completion

Educate your employees on their POSH responsibilities quickly and easily with our tailored online training.

Build employee awareness of:

  • How to recognize sexual harassment at work
  • Employee rights and procedures
  • How sexual harassment can be prevented
  • How to report sexual harassment
  • The effects and repercussions of sexual harassment
  • Every individual’s role in creating an equal, safe, and dignified work environment
  • Icon Done TickKnowledge Checks
  • Icon Done TickCourse Status Report
  • Icon Done TickComprehensive Final

POSH: Internal Committee Training

Online vILT or In-Person Classroom | Certificate of Completion

Upskill your Internal Committee members so they can manage your POSH compliance effectively to meet regulatory requirements.

Training for Internal Committee members covering:

  • The POSH Act
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Internal Committee formation, roles, responsibilities, and management
  • The complaints process and record keeping
  • Annual reporting and documentation
  • The challenges of POSH training
  • How to deliver effective POSH training
  • Icon Done TickReal Case Studies
  • Icon Done TickRole Play
  • Icon Done TickFAQs
  • Icon Done TickQuiz

Meet Your Instructor

Mamta Sahai

Mamta Sahai

Subject Matter Expert & Coach

Mamta Sahai is an experienced social worker, trainer, thought leader, and influencer in India’s POSH space.

For 20 years she has championed issues related to women and children and is a current member of several organizational ICC Committees in both the private and public sectors.

In 2000, she founded her own NGO, Savera Social Welfare Society, which actively works for the empowerment of women and children.

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Dremio is the lakehouse company. Hundreds of organizations, including 3 of the Fortune 5, use Dremio to deliver mission-critical BI on the data lake. As the original creator of Apache Arrow, Dremio is on a mission to reinvent SQL for data lakes and meet customers where they are in their cloud journey. Dremio was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Dremio India head office is in Hyderabad.​

POSH Employee Training

No. of Learners: 100+

Training Time: Mar 2022 to Apr 2022​

Frequency: Annually

SLA Period: Feb 2022 to Dec 2023​

Dremio India Private Limited entered into a Service Level Agreement with SkillUp Tech India Private Limited for a period of 2 years to provide “POSH online learning program” to the employees and staff members.

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